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Brunkswick Blend

Roaster’s Notes: Brunswick is bold, sweet and beautifully structured, with flavours of caramel, hazelnut and praline.  Perfectly suited to milk.

Aroma: Hazelnut, Berry
Flavours: Hazelnut, Spice, Sweet, Med-Heavy Bodied



Weekly Single Origin :


Ethiopia Djimmah Grade 3

Roasters Notes: A grade 3 dry processed (or natural) Djimmah is meticulously hand-sorted to retain the oomph of a traditional Djimmah (usually grade 4 or 5) but with greater balance and clarity. Our Grade 3 is a cracker with a nice, sweet grape and blueberry notes on top and a lovely, heavy cocoa flavour down below. It is heavy bodied and distinctive with a long, satisfying finish.

Aroma: Cooking Chocolate, Grape, Blueberry
Flavours: Heavy bodied, Sweet, Cocoa, Berry

Country of Origin: Ethiopia
Region: Djimmah
Growing Altitude: 1700MASL
Varieties: Typica, Jimma
Harvest and Processing: Mill Dried Natural



Colombia Hacienda Curazao Supremo

Roasters Notes: This Colombia Supremo 18 premium is one of the top Colombian coffees we’ve come across. Sourced through a long term partnership with the producer, the consistency and quality of this coffee is outstanding. Rich and round with the wonderful walnut and cocoa flavours that we expect from this origin, along with a refined acidity that lifts the cup and adds that extra something special. Roast and brew for pour over or espresso, this is a staple go-to bean when you really just need a great coffee.

Aroma: Cocoa, Mild Floral
Flavours: Big Bodied, Cocoa, Walnut, Soft Acidity

Country of Origin: Colombia
Varietal: Arabigo, Typica
Growing Altitude: 1500-1800 MASL
Processing Method: Fully Washed



Ethiopia Limu Gr2

Roasters Notes: A single farm coffee from the Trabocca network. Kossa farm covers 400 hec and employs about 500 people. Limu is the heaviest of the washed Ethiopians and a classic espresso coffee. Round and rich in the bottom end with sweet, intense flavours of caramel and molasses, the Kossa then delights with a wonderful soft lime acidity. Muscular and refined at the same time, the Kossa is an exciting addition to the Toby’s family.

Aroma: Soft lime
Flavours: Caramel, Molasses

Country of Origin: Ethiopia
Oromia Western Highlands
Growing Altitude
1700-2200 MASL
Heirloom Typica
Harvest and Processing
Fully Washed